Historical Reconstructions Part XV

André Houot

There is little to no info about this amazing illustrator online.  A wiki page has a brief synopsis on him, but I was hard pressed to find any of his work for sale.  Many of these pieces I think come from work he did maybe in the early 90’s, so maybe this compilation is just a small glimpse of his work that fits nicely into my historical reconstruction category.


Historical Warrior Illustration Series Part XXIX

Igor Dzis

I’ve been wanting to post this file of Igor Dzis’s work for a long time.  He has such an extensive amount of work to contribute to the Historical Warrior series.  Unfortunately it’s often hard to determine if these images are accurately accredited to him or not. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Historical Reconstructions Part XI

Jean-Claude Golvin

This is the last of my Jean-Claude Golvin that I have.  Future historical reconstructions will be filled with other great artists that fit into this category,  because I love imagining the environment that our ancestors lived in.  Thank you Golvin for inspiring me to start this category and to dream bigger.

 If you would like a hard copy  like I tend to do, then here is where you can find one. Keep filling the treasure chest. Enjoy

Historical Reconstructions Part VIII

Jean-Claude Golvin

These works are a good source for anyone trying to get concepts for world building projects, not just historical perspective. That is definitely why I started collecting these in the first place. One look at these birds eye view art pieces and whole worlds come alive.

For the French version of a Romanized Gaul one can collect Jean-Claude Golvin work here.

Historical Warrior Illustration Series Part XXVIII

Darren Tan

I recently stumbled across Darren Tan’s work.  Its great being able to see work that’s being made in Singapore on concepts I enjoy.  Most of his gallery is filled with other fantasy and sci-fi work, which I also appreciate, but for this site I collected all his more historical fiction work for future reference. These are a few places to find him…artstation deviantart

This is some related material published by Osprey Publishing and Illustrated by Darren Tan in case you would like to collect his work in paperback form.