Total War Thrones of Britanni

Alfred The Great

I’ve been a fan of this this series since the first Shogun came out in 2001.  It’s a treat to highlight this game and look I forward to playing in this time period that is getting a lot of attention due to other entertainment series like Vikings and  The Last Kingdom.

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Furious – The Legend Of Kolovrat

Another Russian film that I’m intrigued to find.  The film is based on the period when Russia was under control of the Golden Horde.  Ryazan knight Evpaty Kolovrat,  is the leader of the squad, which decides to fight back khan Batu, who divided Russia.

The plot is based on The Tale of the Destruction of Riazan, a medieval military tale about the capture of the city of Ryazan by the Mongolsin 1237 and is one of the best sources of the Mongol invasion of Russia

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I’m waiting for a quality English subtitled version of this movie to come out.  The trailer looks like an amazing addition to the historical fiction stories of vikings, with these tales explaining viking impacts in the lands of Russia.  Danila Kozlovsky the main actor in this film played Vladimir the Great, Prince of Novgorod, and  will appear in sixth season of Vikings on the History Channel as Oleg the Prophet, or Oleg Novgorod, one of Oleg’s successors.

Raven Series

Even though the above movie and these novels cover different topics of viking influence and adventure it doesn’t hurt to double down on the raiding power of these Northmen.

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Historical Warrior Illustration Series Part XXX

Zvonimir Grbasic

I’ve only found a few of Zvonimir Grbasic work so far, but I figured I’d post what I have and update it in the future as I find more.  The contact info I found for him is here.  I look forward to seeing more amazing pieces from this artist.

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Historical Warrior Illustration Series Part XXIX

Igor Dzis

I’ve been wanting to post this file of Igor Dzis’s work for a long time.  He has such an extensive amount of work to contribute to the Historical Warrior series.  Unfortunately it’s often hard to determine if these images are accurately accredited to him or not. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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Takashi Miike Films

13 Assassins 

If one wants to watch a movie filled with endless samurai action this is your film.  I was reminded of Takashi Miike‘s bad ass warrior directing style when I recently saw a trailer for his adaptation of a comic book I used to follow by the same name.

Blade of the Immortal

This movie will be filled with more fantastical elements but will still probably be an endless blood bath of sword play.  Look forward to seeing one of my favorite comics come to life.

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Knightfall Season 1 Trailer

If this falls in line with the quality of The Vikings I will be a happy medieval camper. Glad history channel is still willing to spend the money to make these historical reenactments for our entertainment.  Hope they keep it up.

Brethern Trilogy Series

These three books by Robyn Young are a good companion series to go along with the Knightfall’s first season.

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