The Eagle

I’ve been buying the historical fiction books that cover this time period and the stories of the ninth legion, but until I have a chance to read them I guess this movie will have to supplement my desires for this material.

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World Without End

I’m not sure if it was because I stop having regular cable television or if this series from Ken Follett books was just not promoted as much as Pillars of the Earth, but I discovered it once it was complete and liked it just as much as its predecessor.

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Pillars of the Earth

I wouldn’t quantify this as a warriors film, but I would add it to my collection of novel adaptions set in a historical time period that I enjoy watching. 

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Historical Warrior Illustration Series Part XXVI

José Daniel Cabrera Peña


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From the Opening Battle of 300 to the Rise of an Empire

Having read Frank Millers comic first I was extremely excited to see this portrayed on the big screen.  It combines both the historical and the fantastical, to which I have an endless appetite.  But now I’ve  become aware that they are making a sequel.  While I don’t make any claims to its historical content I’m never the less excited to see the team from the original story getting together again to entertain us.

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Kingdom of Heaven Directors Cut

I didn’t believe it at first when friends told me that the directors cut was a better movie then the theatrical version until I watched it.  As a film guy I felt the deleted scenes seemed to make the film more smooth and rich then the theatrical version.  When it comes to historical accuracy though I would say check wikipedia.

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Opening Scene of Gladiator

While there are many historical inaccuracies of this scene I can’t help but enjoy the portrayal of a historical battle set in a cinematic reenactment.  

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