Historic Costumes

Historic Costume in Pictures Braun & Schneider

“From 1861 to 1890 the Munich publishing firm of Braun and Schneider published plates of historic and contemporary  costume in their magazine Munchener Bilderbogen. These plates were eventually collected in book form and published at the turn of the century in Germany and England.”

Of the 1450 costumed figures in this book I have only chosen the images that were of interest to me.  The whole center of the book that covers the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe I have left out of this collection.  I hope that what is present will be of use to others, as it has been for me, to get an idea of how diverse the different styles have been over the ages and areas of human existence.

7 thoughts on “Historic Costumes

  1. This is a fantastic resource!
    i am trying to find images of 16th century italian peasants, particularly a Miller.
    do you think that this book would be of any help here?

    1. I’m not sure if they would have peasants from the 16th century. The book is an amazing resource, as you said, but it doesn’t cover everything.

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