The Last Kingdom Season 4

Well I’m late on the draw when it comes to this release, but being locked up as we are I’m thankful for its timely arrival. I look forward to seeing where these ten new episodes take are band of mix blood adventurers in the wars between the Saxons and the Danes, and how closely it stays true to Bernard Cornwell’s story.

Kingdom Season 2 Trailer

I’m excited to see where this Korean historical zombie show takes us. After the last season I wasn’t sure that Netflix would renew it, but I’m glad they did. By this trailer it looks to be an even darker and more drastic season with the zombie fallout being even more widespread and the battle for the crown becoming even more ruthless.

Interesting back story that I looked up the other night about the origin of zombie lore. Supposedly it comes out of West/Central African mythology that grew in strength in Haitian and Brazilian voodoo practices during the African diaspora of slavery. While other cultures have had similar creatures, the word is closely related to the Kongo words nzambi (god) and zumbi (fetish). Wikipedia states ‘A Kimbundu-to-Portuguese dictionary from 1903 defines the related word nzumbi as soul,[4] while a later Kimbundu–Portuguese dictionary defines it as being a “spirit that is supposed to wander the earth to torment the living”.[5]

The King – Young Henry V

I really do hope that Netflix keeps investing in these historical warrior period pieces. Even if they aren’t as accurate as they could be it’s exciting to see them reenacted on the big screen, including these sequences of the Hundred Years War. Henry V was a short lived ruler but is celebrated as one of the greatest warrior kings of medieval England.

Vikings Season 6 Trailer

How long has it been since we saw any information about this conclusive six season. The show is coming out in December and we haven’t seen any updates to this epic tale. I know the fifth season didn’t get as much acclaim as prior seasons, but I’m still excited to see how they wrap up all these characters stories in the coming twenty episodes.

Kingdom Season 1 Trailer

If you haven’t given this historical fictitious Korean zombie apocalypse show a try I recommend it. While there are definitely aspects of it that could be improved the mixture of genres fit my fancy, as well as those of my female roommates. Swords and zombies that make ladies want to watch more says it all.

Knightfall Season 2 Trailers

I’m intrigued to see how this story line progresses. The Templar’s have a wealth of history and lore that surrounds them, so it seems like the writers and directors could go deep into this Orders European defining moments if they wished. Cross my fingers that they step it up a notch from season one.

Update: Unfortunately this production didn’t step it up with the second seasons and instead floundered at best and failed overall. It’s a bummer because there aren’t that many of these period pieces and I wished they’d done better.

Outlaw King

I always find it strange when I start questioning something like why no one has made a film or show about Robert the Bruce, especially after Braveheart’s success, and then I come to find that since August Netflix has been posting trailers about this upcoming film in November.  Whhhhaaaattttt???? Now I wish they had made this into a gritty ten episode show, but beggars can’t be choosers.  It’s already getting poor reviews but the historical accuracy and the battle sequences look great in the trailer, so I’m ready to sit back and enjoy.

La Peste

If you have a chance to find this show with the subtitles of your language I highly recommend this period piece.  Not necessarily a warrior film, but the gritty dark reality of Seville Spain during the 16th century is enthralling.  The contrast of the riches of the America’s arriving in Europe with the desperation of the poor and this plague filled city make for a scary backdrop for this murder mystery.  Enjoy!