This film is simple and good when it comes to a medieval period piece.  Being shot partially on the West Coast of Ireland, and the use of multiple languages, give this story a realism that many other bigger budget films often lack.  As with many movies in this genre that often have little marketing it was unknown to me until I accidentally stumbled upon it recently.  I look forward to more straight forward historical dramas like this in cinema.


Troy: Fall of a City

I have a feeling this show will be underwhelming, but of course I will watch it.  Low expectations means room for surprised enjoyment.  Strange that they keep reproducing this story when there are so many other epic stories of that age that people could reproduce that hold just as much if not more value to the time period and contain even greater material of interest.  I wonder how hard of a sell it is to produce something new in the historical fiction genre.

Vikings Second Half of Season 5

Second Half of Season Five

This show has already defied some series traditions by killing main characters and I’m excited to see what they do with the following episodes in the fall.  Who will die next? What epic lands and people will be explored?  And how extreme will the carnage get?

 Hakon’s Saga

Since Vikings has returned to the North for a civil war I think this series is a good addition to the genre.  Enjoy reading.


Modern Medieval Combat

International Medieval Combat Federation 2017

I’ve been following the highlights of these modern clashes of metal for a couple years and figured I’d add them to the collection of the clash of historical warriors.  You can find more content  at https://www.medieval-combat.net/…

Battle of Nations 2017

And at http://botn.info/en/.  Both of the these events just blow me away on how people take these blows and keep going.  Even though the weapons are blunted it’s probably the best example of how these conflicts would have been like in terms of speed and chaos.


First couple episodes have come out and I’m holding out hope that this series will gain enough traction that it will be able to correct the places where it falls short.  Till then I’ll continue to watch like a true sucker for these historical fictions that depict the clash of cultures in Europe.

Furious – The Legend Of Kolovrat

Another Russian film that I’m intrigued to find.  The film is based on the period when Russia was under control of the Golden Horde.  Ryazan knight Evpaty Kolovrat,  is the leader of the squad, which decides to fight back khan Batu, who divided Russia.

The plot is based on The Tale of the Destruction of Riazan, a medieval military tale about the capture of the city of Ryazan by the Mongolsin 1237 and is one of the best sources of the Mongol invasion of Russia


I’m waiting for a quality English subtitled version of this movie to come out.  The trailer looks like an amazing addition to the historical fiction stories of vikings, with these tales explaining viking impacts in the lands of Russia.  Danila Kozlovsky the main actor in this film played Vladimir the Great, Prince of Novgorod, and  will appear in sixth season of Vikings on the History Channel as Oleg the Prophet, or Oleg Novgorod, one of Oleg’s successors.

Raven Series

Even though the above movie and these novels cover different topics of viking influence and adventure it doesn’t hurt to double down on the raiding power of these Northmen.