Historical Doc Series Part VI

Knowledgia presents some good docs and this one covers a subject that is close to my heart, The Silk Road. I find it fascinating that even thousands of years ago when transportation and communication weren’t as they are today these extensive trade routes still dominated much of the historical story. So many cultures and empires flocked to these networks of trade and road ways that connected large almost unrelated areas of the globe together. Even when it could take months and years to cross these geographic areas, people still strove to learn and interact with each other. There is something powerful in knowing that this tradition still dominates today. I look forward to watching more of what Knowledgia produce.


Historical Doc Series Part V

This documentary, done by Voices of the Past,was filled with so many ancient historical insights that I had been longing to understand about The Silk Road and sea navigation between the East and the West . While it took me several sittings to watch it, due to its extensive length, every minute of research was well worth it. I took to writing down the source material that was quoted and was blown away to find that much of the East and West had written material from that era that showed how closely connected they were at this time. I won’t detract from the viewing by elaborating on their findings, but the excitement of some of the connections they made was amazing. If you are fascinated with this time period and how these great distances and diverse cultures were connected I highly recommend watching this video. Thanks to the creators for all their work in producing this needed tale.

Historical Doc Series Part IV

HistoryMarche is another great source of battle rich analysis. This episode covering the end of the Western Roman Empire shed light on individuals that I had never heard of before, as well as quickly exposing the relationship between Rome and The Huns that wasn’t simply classified as adversaries. I look forward to using some of the battles that they discuss as jump off points to whole time periods and places I haven’t ever researched before.

Historical Doc Series Part III

Epimetheus site is another great animation breakdown of historical material. I especially like the bronze to iron age periods, and this quick dissection of the mysterious Sea People fits well with my thought that these people originated from the Aegean Sea region. Look forward to taking notes and being inspired by the quick studies of historical periods and people.

The Legend of El Cid

I’m not sure what the production will be like on this film but I’m intrigued to see the cinematic reimagining of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar who is consider Spain’s national hero. And maybe this film will prompt me to examine more of the unique medieval history of Spain and it’s complex mixtures of religion and culture.

Any here is a little bit of historical knowledge from Kings and Generals to give this coming show some context and to compare with their production.

Historical Doc Series Part I

I was recently surprised to find a wealth of historical and archaeological Youtube accounts that fit nicely with much of the material I’ve been covering in this blog. I’m going to select a video from each of the videographers that I’ve been appreciating so that their is a link to their channel and the insightful topics they cover. Hope you in enjoy them as well. And Thank you Stefan Milo for being the first in the series to inspire this collection…..you can find his channel here https://www.youtube.com/c/StefanMilo/videos