Historical Reconstructions Part XVII

Peter Dunn

Since posting the initial images I had of Peter Dunn’s work, he has since reached out to me to provide further art he has done. Since I mentioned not having much information on who he was, he’s graciously provided bio information and explanations on why he does what he does that I’ve placed below. I hope this adds to your enjoyment, as it has done for me. Thank you Peter Dunn for reaching out to me and continuing to enrich our imaginations with your archaeological art.

Historical Reconstructions Part XV

André Houot

There is little to no info about this amazing illustrator online.  A wiki page has a brief synopsis on him, but I was hard pressed to find any of his work for sale.  Many of these pieces I think come from work he did maybe in the early 90’s, so maybe this compilation is just a small glimpse of his work that fits nicely into my historical reconstruction category.

Historical Reconstructions Part XIV

Ivan Lapper

I stumbled upon Ivan Lapper while researching another artist.  It usually works that way.  Many of these good images came from heritage sites which allowed me to compile some of these great works here for future reference.

Historical Reconstructions Part XI

Jean-Claude Golvin

This is the last of my Jean-Claude Golvin that I have.  Future historical reconstructions will be filled with other great artists that fit into this category,  because I love imagining the environment that our ancestors lived in.  Thank you Golvin for inspiring me to start this category and to dream bigger.