The Last Kingdom Season 5

All good things must come to an end but it has been a great run watching this adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories. I hope that this show garnished enough good ratings to encourage fellow production houses that making this kind of period piece is worth it. That there are enough historical fiction nerds out there that will be dedicated fans even when the show dances along the edge of cheesiness. Because there are plenty of other book series out there waiting to be adapted to the screen like Conn Iggulden’s Genghis Series and Harry Sidebottom’s Warrior of Rome as just a few examples. Fingers crossed that this last season is epic and that there are more shows like this being produced.


Historical Doc Series Part VI

Knowledgia presents some good docs and this one covers a subject that is close to my heart, The Silk Road. I find it fascinating that even thousands of years ago when transportation and communication weren’t as they are today these extensive trade routes still dominated much of the historical story. So many cultures and empires flocked to these networks of trade and road ways that connected large almost unrelated areas of the globe together. Even when it could take months and years to cross these geographic areas, people still strove to learn and interact with each other. There is something powerful in knowing that this tradition still dominates today. I look forward to watching more of what Knowledgia produce.

Britannia Season 3

While this show boarders on the cheesy remakes of King Arthur films, and strays from my desired dark gritty realism when capturing historical periods, I can’t help but enjoy the time period it portrays and the comical fantasy in which it portrays it. Definitely doesn’t fall into the Vikings category of quality, but I still enjoy the little twists and turns this story has presented. Look forward to seeing where it takes us.