The Northman

I just stumbled upon this trailer and got really excited. This film looks packed with amazing cinematography and actors that flesh out this historical warriors drama. While the story seems simple, many of the best hero journeys are. I’m interested to see what Robert Eggers has in store for us this spring in the lands of Iceland.

Update: Unfortunately this film didn’t live up to its potential. It took a very Shakespearean approach in my opinion to a genre that most expected to follow in more of the The Vikings series style. The first forty five minutes of the film had potential, even though it was mostly extreme violence, but then the story got lost in mythological prose. I always find it strange when the people who construct the trailer understand what the viewers want to see, and thus highlighted the assaulting of the Rus town, but the film makers seem to ignore such understanding when developing the entire plot. With this genre all the acts of the film should center around major conflicts of arms and wit, concluding with heart wrenching victory or loss, if it’s going to truly captivate the historical warrior nerds.