Britannia Season 2 Trailer

I’m not sure how this slipped past my attention, but I’m going to chop it up to the vortex reality of 2020. I can’t say this show is very historically accurate, yet it still captivates my attention for historical adventures. They do include historical figures and general terms in historical Roman Britain, beyond that it all seems rather fanciful. Its most redeeming characteristic is tackling the concepts around ancient belief structures and how they impacted everyone in society. For us modern societies its hard to understand how ingrained godly magic was to every day life. Moments could be changed by the entrails of a lamb. Awe was found in the flight of a bird or runes engraved in stones. They make these moments kind of slap stick, which can seem to undermine it’s importance, but instead lightens the mood that otherwise would be dark and gruesome. I look forward to seeing where they’ll take us in season three.