Kingdom Season 2 Trailer

I’m excited to see where this Korean historical zombie show takes us. After the last season I wasn’t sure that Netflix would renew it, but I’m glad they did. By this trailer it looks to be an even darker and more drastic season with the zombie fallout being even more widespread and the battle for the crown becoming even more ruthless.

Interesting back story that I looked up the other night about the origin of zombie lore. Supposedly it comes out of West/Central African mythology that grew in strength in Haitian and Brazilian voodoo practices during the African diaspora of slavery. While other cultures have had similar creatures, the word is closely related to the Kongo words nzambi (god) and zumbi (fetish). Wikipedia states ‘A Kimbundu-to-Portuguese dictionary from 1903 defines the related word nzumbi as soul,[4] while a later Kimbundu–Portuguese dictionary defines it as being a “spirit that is supposed to wander the earth to torment the living”.[5]