La Peste

If you have a chance to find this show with the subtitles of your language I highly recommend this period piece.  Not necessarily a warrior film, but the gritty dark reality of Seville Spain during the 16th century is enthralling.  The contrast of the riches of the America’s arriving in Europe with the desperation of the poor and this plague filled city make for a scary backdrop for this murder mystery.  Enjoy!


Black 47

This isn’t the typical time period I follow or post on this site, but I always appreciate a heroes story told in a unique time period that doesn’t get produced as much.  There is something intriguing because the fictitious story sheds light on something important in the past.  Even if the facts aren’t complete or warped to fit a certain view point it still gives me something to chew on after the film.  I look forward to watching this one when it comes out.