Historical Warrior Illustration Series Part XXVIII

Darren Tan

I recently stumbled across Darren Tan’s work.  Its great being able to see work that’s being made in Singapore on concepts I enjoy.  Most of his gallery is filled with other fantasy and sci-fi work, which I also appreciate, but for this site I collected all his more historical fiction work for future reference. These are a few places to find him…artstation deviantart


Historical Reconstructions Part VII

Jean-Claude Golvin

Every day I see them building the second tallest building on the west coast of the United States here in downtown San Francisco and I can’t help but wonder if these structures will still be standing in a couple thousand years like the Roman aqueducts shown at the top. If so will they hold the same mystique as they are dwarfed by the structures of that distant future.

Historical Reconstructions Part III

Jean-Claude Golvin

I’m captivated by the way that these images can conjure stories in my mind of the lives our ancestors lived.  The inventiveness and tenacity they had to build these homes and works of art in an age prior to industrial means.  It is always a good reminder to keep imagining and building upon that lineage.