World Without End

I’m not sure if it was because I stopped having regular cable television or if this series from Ken Follett’s book was just not as promoted as Pillars of the Earth, but I discovered it once it was complete and liked it just as much as its predecessor.

One thought on “World Without End

  1. I kinda disagree. Pillars of the Earth was fairly polished (but for one sword embossed with Arabic numbers, lol), there was a lot of chemistry going on, especially between Jack Cherbourg/Aliena, and Jack Jackson/Ellen. There was also a lot of strong emotions at work, too, from episode 1 all the way to 8. And I admit, in many ways, the villains – Waleran and the equally depraved Hamleighs were also delights. Let us not mention the impassioned dialogue and the delivery too.

    None of that featured in World Without End. It had an improbable plot, the many relationships between the characters was confused and the lack of chemistry made it hard to tell who was on to who, the lack of historicity was even more pronounced, and the settings were also really, really boring too. Merthin’s character seemed weak, and Godwyn and Ralph were as readable and as fun to read as a 3 year old’s first book. Unlike Pillars of the Earth, I actually found myself skipping ahead in World Without End *bleah* I try to remind that as bad as the movie was, Mr Follett probably had a rough time and needed money so I can forgive him on that, but the rest of World Without End was just execrable. The only good thing about WWE was that I was watching it with a friend and didn’t need to spend a single penny on it!

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