I’m not sure why this film didn’t get more publicity or why they haven’t made any other films following the rest of Genghis’s exploits, because this movie was beautifully shot and keeps the warrior in us satisfied with solid action.  If you haven’t seen this film I recommend it.  It not only entertains but gives the viewer a good feel of the Mongolian steppe during the time of the Great Khan.

With very little historical information on the life of Genghis and his family line we must rely on stories to relate the telling of one of the worlds greatest conqueror.  Even though this series, which catapulted me into the historical fiction genre, is not associated to this film, they both filled me with excitement.  Imaging the time period of the great Silk Road and the people along its edges is fascinating.

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3 Responses to MONGOL

  1. Banyan Liu says:

    They’re Asians. Serious answer no racism. Love the movie and soundtrack.
    I read Conn Iggulden’s Conqueror series.

    • eo81 says:

      Yeah I was just wrapping up the Conn Iggulden’s Khan series myself. I hope that someone else fleshes out more of this subject matter on the big screen. Because till the day I can go there myself and stand in the open grasses lands of Mongolia to imagine these ancient days, I want to continue to see others portrayals of these times.

  2. Volkh says:

    It was an abomination as far as “historical accuracy” goes. Oh well. It was nice otherwise.

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