From the Opening Battle of 300 to the Rise of an Empire

Having read Frank Millers comic first I was extremely excited to see this portrayed on the big screen.  It combines both the historical and the fantastical, to which I have an endless appetite.  But now I’ve  become aware that they are making a sequel.  While I don’t make any claims to its historical content I’m never the less excited to see the team from the original story getting together again to entertain us.

Kingdom of Heaven Directors Cut

I didn’t believe it at first when friends told me that the directors cut was a better movie then the theatrical version until I watched it.  As a film guy I felt the deleted scenes seemed to make the film more smooth and rich then the theatrical version.  When it comes to historical accuracy though I would say check wikipedia.


I’m not sure why this film didn’t get more publicity or why they haven’t made any other films following the rest of Genghis’s exploits, because this movie was beautifully shot and keeps the warrior in us satisfied with solid action.  If you haven’t seen this film I recommend it.  It not only entertains but gives the viewer a good feel of the Mongolian steppe during the time of the Great Khan.

The Hobbit- The Desolation of Smaug

 While it seemed many were slightly disappointed by the first of the three Hobbits, I was glad to see this amazing fantastical world on the big screen once again.  It was as if I was returning to an old friend.  Nothing overly new and exciting from the work of Lord of the Rings, but who doesn’t want more of those fun times? So yes my Dungeon and Dragons spirit is ready for more of the same.