Historical Reconstructions Part XV

André Houot

There is little to no info about this amazing illustrator online.  A wiki page has a brief synopsis on him, but I was hard pressed to find any of his work for sale.  Many of these pieces I think come from work he did maybe in the early 90’s, so maybe this compilation is just a small glimpse of his work that fits nicely into my historical reconstruction category.


Historical Warrior Illustration Series Part XXXIV

Graham Turner

I try to do my best to make sure that these art pieces match with this particular artist.  If someone notices a mistake please let me know and I’ll correct it.  That being said I also would like to continue to improve these artists collections by continuing to add more good quality images to these posts.  So if you have found any images that you think I should add feel free to let me know.

Historical Reconstructions Part XIV

Ivan Lapper

I stumbled upon Ivan Lapper while researching another artist.  It usually works that way.  Many of these good images came from heritage sites which allowed me to compile some of these great work here for future reference.


This film is simple and good when it comes to a medieval period piece.  Being shot partially on the West Coast of Ireland, and the use of multiple languages, give this story a realism that many other bigger budget films often lack.  As with many movies in this genre that often have little marketing it was unknown to me until I accidentally stumbled upon it recently.  I look forward to more straight forward historical dramas like this in cinema.

Troy: Fall of a City

I have a feeling this show will be underwhelming, but of course I will watch it.  Low expectations means room for surprised enjoyment.  Strange that they keep reproducing this story when there are so many other epic stories of that age that people could reproduce that hold just as much if not more value to the time period and contain even greater material of interest.  I wonder how hard of a sell it is to produce something new in the historical fiction genre.