Outlaw King

I always find it strange when I start questioning something like why no one has made a film or show about Robert the Bruce, especially after Braveheart’s success, and then I come to find that since August Netflix has been posting trailers about this upcoming film in November.  Whhhhaaaattttt???? Now I wish they had made this into a gritty ten episode show, but beggars can’t be choosers.  It’s already getting poor reviews but the historical accuracy and the battle sequences look great in the trailer, so I’m ready to sit back and enjoy.


Historical Reconstructions Part XVI

Joe Rohrer

I was hard pressed to find a home page for this Swiss illustrator that captivated me with his amazing accuracy.  He’s the first historical illustrator that I’ve seen describe himself as a Scientific Illustrator.  His focus is historical building reconstructions and archaeological biographies. You can find reference to his current credentials here.

La Peste

If you have a chance to find this show with the subtitles of your language I highly recommend this period piece.  Not necessarily a warrior film, but the gritty dark reality of Seville Spain during the 16th century is enthralling.  The contrast of the riches of the America’s arriving in Europe with the desperation of the poor and this plague filled city make for a scary backdrop for this murder mystery.  Enjoy!

Black 47

This isn’t the typical time period I follow or post on this site, but I always appreciate a heroes story told in a unique time period that doesn’t get produced as much.  There is something intriguing because the fictitious story sheds light on something important in the past.  Even if the facts aren’t complete or warped to fit a certain view point it still gives me something to chew on after the film.  I look forward to watching this one when it comes out.

Historical Reconstructions Part XV

André Houot

There is little to no info about this amazing illustrator online.  A wiki page has a brief synopsis on him, but I was hard pressed to find any of his work for sale.  Many of these pieces I think come from work he did maybe in the early 90’s, so maybe this compilation is just a small glimpse of his work that fits nicely into my historical reconstruction category.

Historical Warrior Illustration Series Part XXXIV

Graham Turner

I try to do my best to make sure that these art pieces match with this particular artist.  If someone notices a mistake please let me know and I’ll correct it.  That being said I also would like to continue to improve these artists collections by continuing to add more good quality images to these posts.  So if you have found any images that you think I should add feel free to let me know.