When I first saw this movie I was overwhelmed with its colors and its story.  Many of these sweeping epics that China has produced in the recent years have really blown my mind.  While I’m not sure about its historical value the film is definitely filled with plenty of battle scenes.  

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The Eagle

I’ve been buying the historical fiction books that cover this time period and the stories of the ninth legion, but until I have a chance to read them I guess this movie will have to supplement my desires for this material.

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World Without End

I’m not sure if it was because I stop having regular cable television or if this series from Ken Follett books was just not promoted as much as Pillars of the Earth, but I discovered it once it was complete and liked it just as much as its predecessor.

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Pillars of the Earth

I wouldn’t quantify this as a warriors film, but I would add it to my collection of novel adaptions set in a historical time period that I enjoy watching. 

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Historical Warrior Illustration Series Part XXVI

José Daniel Cabrera Peña


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From the Opening Battle of 300 to the Rise of an Empire

Having read Frank Millers comic first I was extremely excited to see this portrayed on the big screen.  It combines both the historical and the fantastical, to which I have an endless appetite.  But now I’ve  become aware that they are making a sequel.  While I don’t make any claims to its historical content I’m never the less excited to see the team from the original story getting together again to entertain us.

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Kingdom of Heaven Directors Cut

I didn’t believe it at first when friends told me that the directors cut was a better movie then the theatrical version until I watched it.  As a film guy I felt the deleted scenes seemed to make the film more smooth and rich then the theatrical version.  When it comes to historical accuracy though I would say check wikipedia.

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