The Last Kingdom

Second Season

First Season

I do hope they renew this series for another season.  With Netflix joining the team I hope they can increase the scale and scope of the show. While the first two seasons lacked some of the dark grimy conditions that I wished to see portrayed from Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories, I’m still a junkie for medieval historical fiction dramas. It would be great if they filmed the whole series, but with ten plus books and counting that’s unlikely.

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Vikings Season 5

Travis Fimmel’s portrayal of  Ragnar Lothbrok will be missed in this coming season of the Vikings.  Luckily this series just keeps getting better ever year. I’m really excited about what is to unfold in this epic historical fiction.

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Historical Reconstructions Series Part II

Jean-Claude Golvin

Golvin’s vivid images bring me back to an age that seems not of this world, yet stands in marble a mere two thousand years old in places like Rome.  Some of these lands I have visited to feel the richness of that history.  Others I’m still excited about seeing with my own eyes.  Till then these will have to suffice.

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Game of Thrones Season 7

The fantasy adaptation of the War of the Roses continues in massive dramatic affect. Super excited as I can imagine you all are as well. I just wish the books were out by now.

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Historical Reconstructions Series Part I

Jean-Claude Golvin

I recently spent a night being bewildered by the work of this gentleman.  Jean-Claude Golvin is a French archaeologist and architect. He specializes in the history of Roman amphitheatres and has published hundreds of reconstruction drawings of ancient monuments.

More of these to come…

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Historical Warrior Illustration Series Part XXV

Mariusz Kozik

Man it’s been a while since I was able to add anything to this collection. Now that I’m back I’ll be updating my collection on a regular bases.  Hope you keep enjoying the resource.  Mariusz Kozik of course has much of his material out there already, but I figured it doesn’t hurt to have him here as well along side all these other greats.  And go figure he has done graphics for one of my favorite gaming series, Total War.
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When I first saw this movie I was overwhelmed with its colors and its story.  Many of these sweeping epics that China has produced in the recent years have really blown my mind.  While I’m not sure about its historical value the film is definitely filled with plenty of battle scenes.  

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